Colorful Cactus Earrings Gradient Resin - Nickel Free - Multiple Colors

Cute Berry Jewelry

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Cute ♥️ Berry ♥️ Jewelry


Snag a pair of these prickly cactus earrings! Since they’re made of resin, they’re lighter than they look, and comfortable to wear all day.

Shimmery rainbow gradients with a subtle sparkle, these earring make a great gift! Choose from multiple colorful options:

1: Opaque Pink, Purple, and Periwinkle
2: Translucent Pink, Yellow, and Blue
3: Opaque Blue, Purple, Yellow, and Red
4: Opaque Yellow, Red, and Purple
5: Opaque Yellow, Purple, and Blue


I make all of my jewelry myself, some irregularity in color and some bubbles are to be expected. 😄😄

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